About us

The company was founded with the participation of American Company Harris Group Inc. with the head office in Seattle, Washington. Since 2001 we had separated from our mother American company and start to operate as purely Russian consulting and engineering company, maintaining traditionally friendly relations with HGI Inc.

The main facts

• HGI holds leading position in P&P consulting and engineering services in Russia
• Personnel : ~135
• Strong technological dept. (process, layout, mechanical and piping engineering)
• Strong EIA dept. (electrical, instrumentation and automation)
• Strong CSA dept. (construction structures and architecture)
• Capability, own personnel: 200 000 h/a, max. 18 000 h/month
• For outstanding big projects reliable subcontractors are available
• HGI has required SRO-permits and Rostechnadzor attestations for all major engineering activities to include super hazardous applications
• HGI certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2016• 

Advantages of using HGI

Design criteria
• Good knowledge of Russian Codes, Legislation and Practice
• Good knowledge of Western and Eastern standards and design criteria
• Negotiations for obtaining technical requirements from Utilities

Consulting and Engineering
• All disciplines, Engineering for Project and Working documentation.
• Balance of Plant (BOP) engineering
• No need for adaptation of design performed by Foreign Consultants
• English and Russian working language
• Joint engineering performance (with others sub contractors)
• Easy integration with engineering performed by Equipment Vendors

Approvals and Expertise
• State Expertise handling and Permitting management
• GR: Authority relations on behalf of the Owner

Construction and Commissioning supervision
• Construction supervision by Designers (Authors)
• FAT and SAT Support

Plan for Construction Organizing (POS)
• Extended Plan for Construction Organizing to optimize the construction phase
• Coordinated detailed engineering, procurement, construction and erection schedule (EPC schedule based on data from contractors)

• Combined EPC scheduling

• Reliable cooperation, proven by over 500 successful contracts
• Special “all inclusive” attitude to the design assignment with no gaps

Additional HGI skills

• Foreign languages skill (English, Finnish, German)
• Experience of partnering with foreign engineering companies
• Experience in engineering and consulting services for foreign equipment vendors.
• Good knowledge of BAT and best practice, HGI has been involved in most sophisticated and big investment projects of nearest past and current time in Russia

Customer Expectations Are Always Fulfilled

• Full engineering packages for P&P and other industries
• No unreasonable delays and annoying misunderstandings
• Experience in modern project techniques
• Proactive Project Progress Reporting
• Good command of foreign languages (~50% employees speaks and 100 % English documentation deliverables)
• State Expertise support and other mandatory approvals
• Optimum way from the Site selection and Declaration of Intent to Start-up
• Leading position in P&P consulting and engineering services in Russia Value Added Engineering for optimum performance
• Environmental safety engineering for compliance with standards.
• World standards and attitude. Best Available Engineering experience and modern CAD systems. EP/EPCM/EPC, General designer services, Schedule management. Document delivery management. Documentation revision tracking. Quantity and Budget tracking, Proactive Project Progress Reporting
• HGI could provide everything what might be needed for the green/brown field project development and implementation phase: Engineering, Approval, Permitting handling. Assistance on behalf of the Customer from the very beginning, site selection act - up to acceptance of the ready facility for operation, no need for adaptation of western design packages.
• Local presence, monitoring of all regulatory norms and updates of requirements, all kind of additional support in Consulting, Certification, and Permits for Hazardous equipment.
• Repetitive orders, trustful long term relations with major P&P Customers (IP, Ilim Group, SCA, MBP).
• Most competitive prices with constantly growing engineering quality