Sample Projects

OOO "New Russian Pulp" Front-end engineering design of a double-flow mill construction on production site in Amursk district of Khabarovsk Krai to manufacture sulfate viscose pulp from spruce and larch wood and to manufacture sulfite dissolving pulp from spruce wood for chemical processing
OAO "Ilim Group" Branch in Bratsk Front-end engineering design for construction of the hardwood, softwood and mixed crude tall oil rectification plant
OAO “Svetogorsk” Pollutant discharge standards effluents
ОАО "Segezha P&PM" Design and detailed documentation for a fuel oil storage arrangement
AO "Volga" Technical and environmental audit of the existing production site, sources of air emissions and wastewater generation, treatment plants, facilities for placement and disposal of wastes of production facilities for compliance with the best available technologies (BAT) with due regard to the planned technical upgrade of the mill. Development of recommendations for achieving BAT

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